суббота, 27 апреля 2019 г.

Canvas "Galaxy Time". Video tutorial

Hello all!

This is Irina Chebotareva (IraChe). Today  I want to show on Expressions Craft blog a video tutorial on a mixed media canvas.

I took cardboard for canvas base. Cardboard elements was glued on base and all of them was painted with Immix heavy gesso white. After, I add some decor: plastic circles, glass stones, iron chain and four sizes Deco stones.
Then, I used Immix crackle texture paste on the biggest circle and some other places. Texture paste also was added on base - they also help me to glue Deco stones.

I set up chipboard right on wet cracle paste and start paint with Immix-Sprinkle Mist-Dark Purple and Immix-Sprinkle Mist-Titanium White. With  Immix heavy gesso white and Immix Metallic Paint was added texture.
At the top I add Handmade Flower with white cardstock cuttin.
Some stamps as final detail - and the work was complete.
Impressive, how did you think?

Enjoy the watching!

Supplies Used:

Immix heavy gesso white
Make beauty with smile,

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